Thomas KnierimHello! My name is Thomas Knierim. I am an independent software engineer working in information technology since 1991.

On this website I want to share some of my perspectives on what I enjoy most: creating software. I hope you will like the articles. Your feedback is appreciated!



Web Development (10+ yrs experience)
Java Software Development (8+ yrs experience)
PHP Software Development (10 yrs experience)
Software DevelopmentĀ  in Scala

Zend Certified Engineer


Born in Germany, 1965.
Studied informatics and economics in Germany.
Moved to Bangkok, Thailand in 1993.
Started and managed two software companies.
Worked as CTO and project manager.
Extensive experience in OOP and agile development.
10 years+ experience with outsourcing software projects.
Please contact me for full resume.

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