Sun acquires MySQL

It’s been on the news wire for two or three weeks already, but I just learned today that Sun is going to buy MySQL. My first thought was: “Oh, that’s great news.” Now MySQL can put a Sun logo on their product. That will finally allow them to enter the Fortune 500 stratosphere. Wow! MySQL really came a long way. Who would have thought so in the late nineties. My Kudos to Michael Widenius (Monty), the programmer who started this thing, and who is currently serving as CTO at MySQL AB. I hope some of the one billion dollars, which Sun is ready to pay, will go to Monty. This would prove that you can actually get rich from giving away software. It would also prove that a company’s major assets are its people and its innovation rather than bricks and mortar. The execs at both MySQL AB and Sun seem to be quite upbeat about the deal (see Jonathan Schwartz’s blog for example) and are generous with praise (who would be surprised)? I wonder what will happen to the Dolphin logo. It’s sort of cute – a bit like Sun’s Glassfish logo.