Info crawler addendum

Personal note: It’s almost Christmas now. Since the beginning of this month, my TT&T Maxnet Internet connection has been quirky. I am supposed to have a fast DSL subscriber connection, at least that’s what I am paying for. But I am currently getting 6-8 kbps download speed, which doesn’t even make my old Hayes modem envious. Some sites such as Wikipedia aren’t accessible at all, although I can still connect via proxy server. I hear that other people in Thailand are experiencing similar… um… surprises. To be honest, most people aren’t really surprised. This experience is sort of common. When I was still subscribed with CAT, I was actually glad to get anything above 0 kbps because half of the time the connection didn’t work at all. Once I made the mistake to call their customer service to inquire about this.The receptionist connected me to the “technician”. The technician determined that this was a “special” problem and decided that I had to talk to a specialised technician. The specialised technician then connected me to another technician who was allegedly responsible for my area. That person finally routed me back to the first “technician” so the game could start anew. Well, it could have, but I hung up at that point. I am not even thinking about calling TT&T now. – It’s the time to be merry.