New look, new engine

Former website layout As of today this blog has a new look (the old layout can still be seen in the picture on the left). Actually it’s a bit more than a new look, because I did not only change the template but the whole software package. The old Mambo version was hopelessly outdated after two years. It started to have problems with the database. This probably had something to do with the MySQL update that my hosting company had installed recently. My first idea was of course to upgrade the existing Mambo installation. When I looked at the latest versions of Mambo and Joomla, however, I didn’t see too much innovation there. The core functionality and UI pretty much looked like they did 2 years ago. So, I decided to swap the whole thing for a shiny new WordPress installation. And that’s how this website got its new look.

I promise I won’t get religious about which CMS or Blog is the best, as I consider this question rather futile. For some it’s Mambo, for some it’s WordPress (and there are still another gazillion systems of that ilk which one might discuss at length). What I like about WordPress is its simplicity and usability, which means that I get my job done faster. It’s about making things as simple as possible, but not simpler. Not that Mambo is excessively complex, on the contrary, but some things happen to work more smoothly in WordPress, at least I like to think so. For example, inserting images, SEO management, and code editing. Yes, WordPress has its limits. It’s not like typo3 or Alfreco, it’s just a blogging software. But blogging it does well. So, welcome to the new WordPress era!