CSS Grid Layouts Brittle

Recently I changed parts of the HTML template for this blog from CSS divs to tables. Gasp, tables? That's so nineties. Indeed, it is. However, the CSS floating divs were just too brittle. An occasional wide image or wide block of <pre> text would mess up the sidebar badly. Also, the visual results were different in different browsers. The problem puppy was a browser whose name shall not be mentioned (but I can tell you it starts with “I” and ends with “6.0”). Call me old-fashioned, but I think that a table-based design often beats CSS in terms of robustness. Why spend hours testing a complex CSS design if the same job can be accomplished with tables in a few minutes? Tables are especially handy with multiple columns, nested columns and rows, and elastic designs. I would still use CSS in most situations, but you can't beat tables for robust grid layouts.